A Case for Cannabis

Since the beginning of the year, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has had legal marijuana in his crosshairs. The country’s top cop has been outspoken for years in his disdain for the plant, and earlier this year, Sessions turned the cannabis industry upside down with the reversal of the Cole Memo.

The Cole Memo, written by former Deputy Attorney General James Cole in 2013, advised all U.S. attorneys to defer to state and local authorities when it came to prosecuting marijuana-related activity. That allowed states that have legalized use of the plant, if even just for medicinal purposes like Arkansas, to move forward with the will of the people.

Arkansas voters expressed their support for medical marijuana in 2016, despite objections from almost everyone state office holder. But despite voter affirmation, medical marijuana is still out of reach for Arkansans. And as we continue to elevate the conversation over opioid abuse, a dangerous epidemic in our state and others, it only makes sense that we continue to advocate for the access of a safer alternative.

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