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Digital Banking for MRBs

Marijuana Related Businesses (MRBs) can finally get easy access to secure, compliant and modern digital banking and payment services. 






  • Business Web Banking

    • Businesses gain access their own bank account with one of our partner financial institutions. The MediPays web banking application is the first web banking solution designed for the unique requirements of Marijuana Related Businesses (MRBs)

  • Electronic B2B and Retail Payments: 

    • Cash revenue can cost up to 15% of cash in handling, storage and other expenses (Source: IHL Group "Cash Multipliers Study."). MediPays allows MRBs to reduce and avoid these costs by enabling electronic B2B and retail transacations.

  • Focus on the Business...not the Banking

    • MediPays provides a modernized financial services experience to owners and management, enabling you to focus on the important things like strategy, sales and growth. 


Manage Payroll Online

Don't pass the cash burden on to your employees. Manage payroll online and reduce cost, friction and risk for everyone involved. 

  • Cash is a Burden to Employees

    • Handling cash payroll can expose your employees to risk and even limit their ability to get personal bank accounts where banks suspect proceeds are from MRB payroll. 

  • Manage Payroll Online

    • Either use the online platform to manage employees and hours or just upload a payroll file a few clicks if you already have a system to track payroll.