Digital platform

With MediPays you are free to run your business without having to run your bank. Business friction caused by managing cash takes your time, energy, and resources. We can help you operate efficiently and that lets you focus on strategy and growth. 

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Avoid additional costs of managing cash

Logistics, security, and handling have become a significant budget expense for marijuana businesses that are managing high volumes of cash. The MediPays closed-loop electronic payment platform allows cultivators, dispensaries, service businesses, and patients to transact electronically, alleviating the burden of cash.


online payroll system

Don't pass the cash problem on to your employees. With our payroll system, simply upload your payroll to our online portal, or use our online platform to manage employees and hours manually. 


Compliant financial services

FinCEN Compliance is the key to banking your business. Our team with over 50 years of financial services experience has built the MediPays Platform specifically for the unique regulatory challenges of the industry.